Learning from the Best Drives New Courses

If you take a look at the course offering at NLP Canada Training, you will notice some differences. More are coming. 

Dr. Linda Ferguson is continually working to learn more about how people make and support good choices and how language supports those processes. Last week, Linda attended two solution focus courses, an event on executive coaching and an evening on lean management processes and organizational development. She also read Decisive, the new book by Dan and Chip Heath. (It was a busy week .)

This week, we're announcing two redeveloped series of one day courses to reflect some of the best work current in decision making and communication. Our introductory course, Prepare to Succeed, will now be one of a series of NLP courses designed to offer terrific value in just one day. 

Later this spring, we will also launch three new Four Steps courses. These courses will focus less on individual techniques and more on proven paths to influence, problem solving and motivating others. The path metaphor is a favourite of trainer Ron Vereggen. Linda Ferguson is adopting and adapting it to offer clear, memorable processes based on the best available thinking in a blend of models.

Finally, in June we'll offer a new advanced course on Leverage which will help coaches, managers, and sales professionals identify the points in a conversation where change is most likely to happen naturally and effectively.

Watch for new dates, new programs and new learning. In the meantime, visit Linda's blog. She's been posting several times a week and there's some great stuff waiting for you to discover it - exactly when you need a fresh thought or a burst of inspiration.