New Certification in Managing Choice

This winter, NLP Canada Training is launching a series of five one day courses that will lead to a new certification in managing choice.  The certification provides perspectives and tangible skills in managing decision-making for yourself and others. It draws on modeling processes from Neurolinguistic Programming and evaluation of research from a variety of disciplines including various branches of psychology, business and behavioural economics. The result is a hybrid that gives you an understanding of human decision-making that yields tangible results. Participants will have a new toolkit for facing difficult decisions of their own, and remarkable new approaches to influencing the decisions other people make.

The first course runs Saturday, January 8 from 10am to 5pm. The Elements of Choice identifies the three forces that interact in every decision and explores how moving attention from one to the other yields new possibilities for more effective decision making and influence.  Participants will learn that every decision is the result of personality interacting with a particular situation through the lens of a specific intention.  Personality, intention and situation make up the decision-making environment in the same way that physical elements define and create a physical environment. 

Since every decision is also a blending of conscious and unconscious processes, identifying the elements present in a given decision also uncovers unconscious influences and ways to manipulate those influences to get results more effectively.  This course is foundational to the certification: participants develop the perspective and the practice necessary to making decisions and influencing them in other people.

The second course in the series runs Sunday, January 23 from 10am to 5pm. The Well-Conditioned Mind explores the advantages of developing instincts that allow you to make complicated decisions automatically.  You'll learn how the mind naturally works optimally, the role of conscious process in fine-tuning unconscious patterns of behaviour, and the practices that will allow you to develop expert instincts so that your decisions are faster, more elegant and more reliable.

Each one day course requires separate registration.  Each one day course costs $175 + HST.  Call Carole at 416-928-2394 to register for the January courses.