Mastering the playing field

Did you watch the Olympic hockey games on the big ice? There was apparently some debate about how the Canadians would manage on the larger ice surface. Their playing field was going to be different and people wondered if that would be enough to throw them off their game.

It wasn’t of course. They didn’t score many goals, but they didn’t need to score many goals. They allowed only three goals in six games. It was remarkable. Somehow they extended their skills, their teamwork, and their attention to the very edges of the new surface and made it work for them.

What is the field like where you are playing? How is it shaping your game and changing your opportunities? Does your attention extend to the very edges?

It’s more than a metaphor. It is a way to use space and time and what is familiar and limited to move through the complexity of our ever-changing environment. We are all influenced by what is around us. Our efforts thrive or fail based on their fit with circumstances we perceive but cannot change.

Perhaps we do not need to change our playing field. We only need to extend our skills and awareness to its edges. Just as the Canadian Olympic hockey players did.