LEAD Sales with Our New Course

On February 24, 2013, we are launching NLP in a Nutshell for Sales, featuring the LEAD process for making more sales while building more satisfaction. Whether you're a sales professional who wants to fine tune your process or a professional who has to sell to do the work you love, you'll love to LEAD.

Listen * Engage * Activate * Difference

Use the same four stages whether you are selling to a client or selling colleagues on making a change.  You'll discover the difference between listening for common ground and waiting for your turn to talk. You'll enrich your toolkit for engaging all of someone's attention and imagination.  You'll learn the language patterns that suggest action and movement. And you'll put new energy into leading people to imagine the differences they will make when they follow your lead.

One of the most tangible effects of training with us is often that people improve their ability to sell (whether they are coaches or real estate professionals).  They stop letting business walk away and they stop letting people settle for less because someone else was better at selling. If you want to energize your sales process, register today.

Call Carole at 416-928-2394 or email us with your name and a phone or cell phone number and we'll follow up with you.