Knowing the Playing Field

I am always surprised when I encounter people working in change management who don’t seem to know very much about major trends in fields like business, psychology, behavioural economics, and design.  All of these fields seek to understand how people know the world, interact with one another, decide what they want and make change happen.  To me, training NLP means knowing NLP and knowing where NLP fits into a spectrum of ways to understand change, relationships and results.

At a conference this weekend, I encountered people working very hard to do just one thing. I appreciate that focus is a key to doing something well and that people presenting at a conference are worried that if they acknowledge that a spectrum of models exists, they may not help people see the benefits of their own approach. I get it.  And yet I feel a little cheated when I don’t walk away from an expert presentation with an expert’s appreciation for how all the pieces fit together.

When you come to an NLPCT course, you can ask me about the authors you read, the thinkers you admire and the fields you want to explore. I won’t always know what you know, but I will always be glad you asked and eager to build bridges between what you know and what I know.