January 2012

January offers two one day courses designed to introduce core practices of NLP (neurolinguistic programming) while making real-time progress towards improved goal setting, state management and performance.  If you are ready to experience the difference that NLP can make in what you achieve and how you feel while achieving it, then clear your calendar and register.

January 14: Prepare to Succeed: An Introduction to NLP

Andrew Freund leads you through a process for managing yourself, setting goals, moving past obstacles, gathering resources and communicating more successfully.  It sounds like a lot in one day - and it is!  But it is also informative, practical, fun, and a great chance to enjoy making progress.

January 15: Building Your Lighthouse with NLP

Ron Vereggen uses NLP to support a process for identifying how you can build relationships, reliability, and reputation while getting results in an organization, group or community.  Widen your perspective, deepen your ability to articulate your vision, and notice how knowing what you want makes it easier for other people to get what they want, too.l

$135 + HST for one day or $200 + HST when you register for both.  Register a friend for just $5 more ( both register for $140 for one day or $205 for two days). NLP Practitioners pay only $75 per day and can bring a guest for just $5. Call Carole at 416-928-2394 to register.