How's Your Day Been?

Linda recently attended the Spirit of Hope Benefit that featured Brian Mulroney as host.  On the day that the Oliphant commission found that Mulroney had engaged in inappropriate business dealings, Mulroney faced a packed audience.  He looked at us and began:  "How's your day been?"

Our days are very full.  We are happy to report that we love training NLP: whether we are taking a new group of practitioners through the certification training or workshopping new applications with our community, we are fully engaged, challenged and on purpose.  Sometimes we are challenged in other ways: traffic in Toronto is especially awful this spring and it has changed the programs we can offer.  We have personal challenges (just like everybody else).  We are pushing through behind the scenes to develop some projects that will make big differences in what we do and how we work with people. We live in exciting times. And often, we live in interesting times.

If you'd like to know us better, please call us. Chris and Linda and Carole all love to talk about what we do and to listen to the many different stories that bring people to us and to NLP.  It's not an imposition to ask questions: we do what we do because we want people to engage with the work we do.  We would love to help you explore whether our programs and community could help you make positive changes for yourself and others.

What's coming next?  June is quiet while we ride out the construction on the Gardiner and the G20 craziness.  July will bring new programs and some big announcements for the fall.  In the meantime, we will be available for telephone introductions and, quite possibly, for a cup of coffee and a personal introduction to the NLP summer intensives.