Celebrating 10 Years of Relationships & Results

This month, Linda Ferguson celebrates 10 years since she became a partner at NLP Canada Training and began developing rigorous, reliable training to give people more choice in how they respond to the challenges and relationships in their lives. While people are fundamentally the same today as they were in 2003, our training has changed with the times to reflect the pace of life, the role of technology, and the need to get better as our clients develop.

Our clients are the reason Linda Ferguson spends much of her time exploring current research and best practices in a variety of fields. They continue to need opportunities for mindful practice of their high-level skills in communication and change. It's not enough that they are very good at what they do. They want to be better, and NLP Canada Training runs programs that allow them to step out of their normal workflow, pay unusually accurate attention to the way they are making choices, and fine tune their beliefs and behaviours for better results with less stress and more satisfaction.

Everyone who comes to train at NLP Canada Training has the opportunity to grow, to become stronger, and to become more focused in setting goals and making choices. Most of them go on to make rapid progress and build stronger influence within their chosen work. Some are very good at building career success. Others are very good at moving into themselves to explore who they are and what mark they are making on the world around them. Everyone who trains here finds new light to shed on their choices and new choices to govern their futures.

Some people find that future takes them far away from NLP Canada Training. We celebrate the courage and focus that leads them on their paths. But we do take special joy in the clients that return, refresh, and tell their friends that they have found something special here. Some of them become advisors or trainers and most become friends of this work. They understand in their bones that we need more places to grow. NLP Canada Training is a place to grow.