The NLP Canada Training Advisory Board

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Andrew Freund
Andrew's career spans the extremes of right and left brain thinking. On the one hand, he spent twenty years as a theatre professional, directing with some of the top companies in the country.  When Andrew brings left and right brain together, he is exceptionally good at helping others identify what they need to find their best ideas and make the right moves at the right time. He is currently training one day and NLP practitioner courses.
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Kathleen Milligan
Kathleen is one of the people to whom I turn to tweak my own relationship with unconscious process. To say that she is an accomplished practitioner of hypnosis, EFT, energy medicine and NLP is not enough. Kathleen has done so much more than collect techniques.  Her practice is her own: a combination and evolution of different techniques that make her exceptionally skilled at leading clients past the noise and deep into their own resourcefulness.  Well known for her work with childbirth and infertility clients, she is also marvellous with clients that range from preschoolers to high-performing professionals.  
Kathleen's company, Action Hypnosis

Michel Neray
Michel is "really, really, really, really great at helping companies massively increase sales and market position by getting everyone in the company to rally around and communicate their greatest value and core competitive advantage." It’s what he calls their 'Essential Message'. His career spans different models of communication, from advertising to coaching, and he moves through them with equal measures of enthusiasm and effectiveness.  His company is The Essential Message. Watch the video and find out more about how he motivates, challenges, energizes and focuses his clients. Michel is the newest member of the Board and the most recently certified in NLP.  We are really, really, really glad he's on the team!
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Roz Usheroff

Roz amazes people with her warmth, her wisdom and her amazing sense of fun. She travels over much of the world coaching and training leaders in many different fields to make the most of their skills, their networks, and their personal strengths. Visit her online, read her books, and learn the Art of Wow.  Roz is special: her professionalism and humour coexist with courage and resilience that inspires. We are lucky that she chose to train with us and more lucky that she has chosen to join our Board and help us shape the future at NLP Canada Training.

Ron Vereggen
Ron began his exploration of NLP in the same class where I did my own practitioner certification. We've been friends and fellow adventurers ever since. Ron has participated in all the versions of the NLP Canada Training practitioner and master practitioner certifications, all while developing his own coaching model at Mastery Rocks. He combines his passion for self-development with a very successful career as an IT project manager.  He's assisted at all levels of training at NLP Canada Training and is currently introducing his own "Lighthouse" model in a one day course and training the NLP Practitioner certification.
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