Training Staff

We certify trainers only after they complete the Master Practitioner course and an apprenticeship as a Training Practitioner that normally takes 2 to 3  years.

Kyle Horner, Training Practitioner

Kyle Horner as a diploma as a Social Service Worker and has trained in Solution Focused Coaching. He’s been a training practitioner since 2015, and participates regularly in practitioner and master practitioner trainings and one day courses. Kyle also leads some evening programs.

Michael-John Hernandez, Training Practitioner

Michael-John Hernandez is a member of both the training and coaching teams at NLP Canada Training. His experience includes studies at the University of Toronto in the academic research that supports NLP practices for self-management and effective communication. He is also trained in hypnosis, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, and Reiki. Michael participates regularly in practitioner and master practitioner trainings, and leads some evening programs.

Adam Burbage, Training Practitioner

Adam Burbage is our newest training practitioner. He flies in from Saskatoon for practitioner trainings and will soon be launching NLP events in Saskatoon. Adam combines expertise in fitness and martial arts with deep study of how the mind and body work as a system to generate our best selves and best results.

Ron Vereggen, Trainer

Ron began his exploration of NLP in the same class where Linda did her NLP practitioner certification. They have been friends and fellow adventurers ever since. Ron has participated in all the versions of the NLP Canada Training practitioner and master practitioner certifications, all while developing his own coaching model at Mastery Rocks. He combines his passion for self-development with a very successful career as an IT project manager.  He's assisted at all levels of training at NLP Canada Training and is currently on leave while he develops new programs in mindful leadership.

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