Linda Ferguson, Senior Partner

Linda Ferguson, Ph.D.

Linda Ferguson has more than 30 years of experience in enabling others to identify what they value and communicate in ways that support that. Since 2003, Linda has been one of Canada's leading developers of NLP (neurolinguistic programming). She believes that learning technologies must continually evolve. Through creativity, interaction with related models, and study of the leading edge, Linda develops strategies and techniques that accelerate learning and anchor it in real-world behaviours.

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Whether facilitating sessions in vision or innovation, training NLP, speaking to large groups or coaching one person at a time, Linda makes people comfortable with taking the next step towards more satisfying results. She works through a variety of practices to prime attention, motivate, and ensure that people are able to make tangible, effective change.

Linda combines exceptional expertise in metaphor and narrative with a broad knowledge of current thinking in related fields, including positive psychology, solution focused coaching, personality typing, and rhetoric. She mixes best practices from these fields to enable her clients to think and relate differently.

A graduate of Trent University, the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto, Linda has taught at post-secondary institutions, written for business and trade publications, and developed customized learning experiences for people in a wide variety of fields and contexts. 

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